Mentor Graphic Designer
& Content Manager

Delia is a Venezuelan Graphic Designer, social media enthusiast and entrepreneur. Currently based in Madrid, she is now working as Graphic Department & Content Manager in Hackingyouridea.

She had a passion for drawing since sha was a kid and her parents always encouraged her to pursuit that path. Since she was 13 years old started to learn design skills on her own and then she went to an Art Academy on her country (Estudios Sancho) where she polished her knowledge on Adobe Suite and drawing.

Delia is a passionate enterpreneur

Delia has worked as a freelancer for more than 10 years, designing websites, creating corporate identities, cover books, newspaper layouts and so on for clients around the world. Besides, she owned a successful POD business when she lived in Venezuela.  A few years ago, she moved to Spain and expanded her scope as a Social Media manager & designer.

In her free time, she likes to watch Netflix along her son and husband, listen to music and comedy podcasts, share memes on FB and cooking special meals.  She is a cat lover too.