Mentor Full Stack Developer

Alexis Tomaselli graduated in 2019 from the National University of La Pampa (Argentina), as a Programmer and Systems Engineer, and currently works as a full-stack web developer.

His training includes some commercial aspects; that is why for over five years, he has been involved in developing not only websites but management systems as well. He has vast experience with business processes, specializing in technical advice, administration, and software development. He has participated in diverse business segments, including the gastronomic industry, non-profit organizations, and fodder, something very common in Argentina. His programming experience includes HMTL, CCS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, AJAX, Laravel, Core UI, Bootstrap, adminLTE, and WordPress.

"Alexis has a great passion for his profession and tries to always be up-to-date in his field of work"

In his spare time, Alexis enjoys tennis and regularly goes out jogging or cycling, but his passion is playing and watching soccer. Alexis believes that every professional experience is an opportunity to show one’s strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats: “my strength is being a full-stack web developer, and my opportunity is to demonstrate I’m up to the challenge.”