Mentor Social Media Specialist

Paola lives in the capital city of her country Venezuela. She is being a Freelancer for more than 5 years always looking for the non traditional way to achieve her goals. She has experience in social media as Community Manager and a specialist at communicating ideas and making small brands grow.

Going outside the social norms, has taught me to develop skills in many areas. All of them can coexist together and empower each other.

“Since childhood I have always been passionate about the visual arts, drawing and painting. But growing up in my adolescence I acquired too much taste for science, technology. I looked for my way, I knew that these two worlds could coexist and I was trained in architecture. Not only did I learn how to use digital tools, I also trained with an adult in arts, drawing, mathematics and others.”

In the last few years she has become very fond of fitness, She likes to go hiking, lift weights and study about nutrition. She loves classic movies and her philosophy of life is minimalist.